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balefans's Journal

Fans of Christian Bale
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A fan community dedicated to Christian Bale

Welcome +
Welcome to balefans, originally created in August 2007 with the purpose to keep fans up to date on Christian's latest projects, media, and news and has since grown as a place on LJ to also post and share photographs and pictures of our favorite actor, Christian Bale for all Bale Fans to joy.
community rules & guidelines +
- All posts must be Christian Bale Related.
- Must be a member of the community to post.
- Moderated posting is for the future option of having community moderators and to intervene spammers.
- Pictures of Christian are not a must but Always welcome. [See details below.]
- Large or adult-oriented pics go behind a cut.
- This community at times may contain adult language and sometimes material that may not be suitable for minors.
- Keep in mind this is a picture & news community, everything else is in moderation, stay on track folks.
- It is a must for you to smile when participating, let’s keep it light and fun!
+ Bale Fan Details +

+ Hotlinking is NEVER allowed and grounds for banning from the community. Just don't do it.

+ Paparazzi pics of Chrisitan and his family have no place here, out of respect for his privacy. Same goes for photo manipulations. Please keep your postings tactful, we are all adults here, this community is not a pseudo MySpace.

+ This community is a place to have fun and is not to be used as a means to sell or promote other sites, communities or products.

+ Large pics [over 500 pixels in width] and/or adult-oriented pictures must be placed behind an LJ Cut, with an appropriate warning in consideration for those on Dial-up and/or browsing during work hours.

+ Fanart: is always welcome as long as it features Christian.

+ Icon posts: while always welcome, should be about Christian. Do not batch post icons/graphics for 10 different actors/movies, one of which happens to be Christian. These types of submissions will be declined. We are here to see Christian. In other words stay on topic, make it worth community member's time and the majority of the icons are of Christian. If you are using a 'Fake LJ-cut' back to your icon journal/community it must be an open community, why else share if you have it locked.

+ Feel free to use community tags, if you need a tag added just let me know!

+ Sharing information about Christian is perfectly acceptable although there is no need to reproduce entire news articles; a short snippit and accompanying link goes a long way! Credit the source, provide the addy, all great ideas.

+ Lengthy accounts or pic spams must go behind a cut to keep the community tidy looking. A teaser photo or comment are always a great way to get attention to your post.

+ Posting accounts/reviews on Christian's movies, a spoiler alert must be included for those community members who have not seen it yet. Although this is not a discussion community but a sharing community (to keep it wank free), the occasional review will be allowed as long as a spoiler is included.

+ Please do not use any type of font formatting tags (color/typeface). Plain text is sufficient, submissions that have this will be rejected.

+ Do not disable comments, these postings will be rejected.

+ We’re all here to share everything Chrisitan Bale not to squibble with each other. Trolls and flamers are cause for banning, no questions asked.

Added 10/3/09
+ Due to Photo Bucket's lowered free bandwidth usage, any postings that have their images replaced with BP's "image bandwidth exceeded" image will be given one warning to fix and three days allowance time and then I will delete these postings if they've not been fixed. We want to see your creations not Photo Bucket's fulgy images.

mod & contact info +

Owner/Mod: tattooedraven
Community Originally Created By: ciider

Contact: tattooedraven at livejournal dot com
Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or concerns.

NOTICE: We reserve the right to edit, delete, etc. any and all components of this community.

links & affiliates +
Affiliates +

bale_daily + bale_uncensored + batmanunlimited
cup0fporn + darkknightfic + ontd_bale
brycefans + carbonellfans + samw_icons
seanbeanfans + tdkrises_fic

Our main source of information is Christian Bale Dot Org.

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